Henry Sampson Jr. Sampson is an African-American from Jackson, Mississippi. He attended Morehouse College and transferred to Purdue. He received an MS in Engineering from the
University Of California. 

He was awarded an MS in Nuclear Engineering from Illinois and his Ph.D from Illinois . Sampson is the first African-American to receive a Ph.D in Nuclear Engineering. In 1971 Sampson was awarded a patent for the “gamma-electric cell.” This technology was used in the cellular phone.

During the AIChE Centennial Meeting held in Philadelphia in November 2008, Dr. Sampson was honored among the “Twenty Chemical Engineers in Other Pursuits.” Sampson is the recipient of a variety of awards including the Atomic Energy Commission Award (1964-1967), Black Image Award from Aerospace Corporation (1982), Blacks in Engineering, Applied Science and Education Award and Los Angeles Council of Black Professional Engineers (1983), and was named a fellow in the U.S. Navy (1962-1964).

In addition to his work in engineering fields, Sampson is a writer, film historian, and documentary film producer who focuses on the African American presence in the film and entertainment industries. He has written five books about the portrayal of African Americans in movies, cartoons, and on radio. Sampson is married to Laura Howzell Young-Sampson, a professor at California State University-San Bernardino. Together, they are working on a biography of Sampson’s other inventions by african americans are the typewriter, air conditioning,escalators, and blood storage. The saying the real mc coy comes from an african american invention of tractor engine cooling systems. The inventors name was mc coy. Apparently farmers would only buy the real mc coy….

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